Wampler EGO 76 Compressor

Wampler EGO 76 Compressor



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I'm thrilled to introduce the Wampler Ego 76 compressor pedal, my personal tribute to the iconic studio compressor that has shaped the fabric of music over the decades – the legendary 1176 Peak Limiter. This pedal isn't just a piece of gear; it's a journey into the soul of timeless studio tones, and I'm excited to share its story.

The Ego 76 transcends the conventional role of a pedal compressor, moving beyond merely squishing your signal to actually enriching and elevating your sound. Fueled by FET-based (field-effect transistor) technology, I gave the pedal studio-like Attack and Release controls, a Parallel Clean Blend knob, and a meticulously tuned Tone knob. I carefully designed each element to encapsulate the spirit of the iconic 1176 and bring a touch of that magic to your pedalboard.

The Ego 76 isn't just a compressor pedal – it's an experience in the heart of iconic studio tones. With its roots in the 1176’s legacy, once you plug the Ego 76 in, you may find it challenging to turn it off. It seamlessly becomes an integral part of your musical expression and a direct connection to the timeless magic of the 1176 Peak Limiter.