We are working to be the premier venue for artist clinics.  Our clinics are limited to just 30 seats!  It's almost like having a "one on one" interaction with the artist.  

We encourage the artist to greet and interact with their fans as they arrive.  The artist will then perform from their catalogue of songs with Q&A in between.  This will be followed by autographs and photos with the artist.  

If the artist allows, we ask that performance photos and videos are limited to the first song only allowing everyone to enjoy the remainder of the clinic without the annoyance.   

If the artist is endorsed by products we stock, we may raffle some of the items as part of your paid admission.  

The clinics are partly funded by the price of admission with the balance paid by Black Mountain Guitar Co.  Typically, corporate sponsors are not involved.  








Be sure to follow us on our social media sites for upcoming clinics.  We'll see you at the next one!