Guitar and Amp Repair & Service

We offer in house guitar repair and service by Kyle Heisler.  Kyle is certified by Robert Venn School of Luthiery and holds other certifications from manufactures including Fender.  Kyle's been working exclusively in repairs for several years.  On most days he can provide guitar restrings while you wait!  Just call and set up an appointment.  


We are also the home to Mad Hatter Guitar Products.  They are experts in guitar electronics and can provide their products and expertise.  


For amp repair we are very honored to have Larry Lorenzen as part of our team.  Larry is a second-generation guitar player and electrical engineer with decades of experience repairing and designing guitar amplifiers.

He has worked in the aerospace, telecommunications, audio fields and worked 14 years for Fender Musical Instruments in the Guitar Amp R&D Department.  He retired from Fender in 2015.