Vox NT15H-G2 Head/Cab

Vox NT15H-G2 Head/Cab



Vox Night Train 15 Head & Cabinet.  This 15 watt head and cab combination Rock!  Classic Vox cleans and searing overdrive.  Perfect for that small gig and the practice room.  Stop in and check it out, or just add it to your cart and we'll send it out to you.  

With 15 Watts of pure EL84 tone, the NT15H-G2 improves upon this classic tube platform with a sophisticated and flexible dual channel design. The footswitchable Bright and Girth channels cover the complete tonal spectrum from traditional VOX chime to modern high-gain overdrive, with the Thick switch providing an additional gain boost for some added grit. Once you’ve found your sound, add some depth with the on-board studio quality reverb. Paired with the Celestion Greenback equipped V112NT-G2, the NT15H-G2 provides authentic VOX tone in a convenient package. 

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