Thorn Custom Guitars SoCal Magna Strat



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Ron Thorn has built more than 800 custom instruments under the name Thorn Custom Guitars, and now builds exclusively for Fender Custom Shop. Thorn is among the first to assume the title Principal Master Builder — one of the highest honors at the Fender Custom Shop and in the guitar building community.  His Fender Custom Shop guitars sell in upwards to $8000 and more.  

This SoCal Magna Strat was built in 2009.  The dip finish is amazing!  The pickup combinations and tones make this guitar as unique as the finish.  This is definitely a "one of a kind" instrument.  

This guitar comes to us from the original owner.  It's at a great price!  If you're a Thorn fan, or just looking for a great custom Strat, this is your guitar.