Taylor T5 Standard Hollowbody Acoustic - Electric Guitar



Nice used guitar in excellent condition.  Beautiful blue color!  Includes original hard case.  


This guitar is as acoustic and an electric

The Taylor T5 Standard allows you to get fully acoustic sounds and fully electric sounds from the same guitar. It's designed to be used with both acoustic and electric amps using a standard guitar cable or a balanced cable. No more lugging extra gear or switching guitars for songs, this premium axe does it all.

5-way switching for amazingly unique sounds

The Taylor T5 Standard features a whole new generation of electronics. Tones are selected via the easy access 5-way switch located on the side of the guitar. Two pickups - a concealed neck humbucker and a visible bridge humbucker - produce a truly impressive range of electric guitar tone, while the an acoustic body sensor system delivers breathtaking acoustic sounds. Inspired by the research on the Expression System, the T5 body sensors are overwound to produce the sparkling highs and shimmer for the most acoustic-like switch position. The T5 Standard's preamp was designed to deliver a wide range of tones in every switch position. Controls include Volume, Bass and Treble.

Sleek, comfortable, and gorgeous

Inspired by the Taylor Grand Auditorium silhouette, the T5 Standard features a sleek and comfortable-to-hold carved hollowbody of sapele with a premium Sitka spruce top, and a svelte mahogany neck. A shortened scale length ensures a fingerboard that is endlessly pleasurable to play with either electric or acoustic strings. Like all Taylor guitars, a custom-voiced soundboard is the heart of the T5 tone. Finally, sexy and stylized f-holes command the eye and enhance the resonance of the T5 body chamber, allowing the top to breathe and capture the dynamics of a player's performance.

Taylor T5 Standard Acoustic-electric Guitar Features:

  • Semi-hollowbody acoustic-electric guitar that delivers acoustic and electric tones
  • Premium Sitka spruce top looks good and delivers authentic acoustic tones
  • Compact body will feel comfortable for solidbody electric players
  • Hollowbody design with active soundboard for natural acoustic tone
  • Sapele back and neck
  • Ebony fretboard and bridge
  • Taylor T5 electronics deliver a wide range of tones
  • Includes Taylor T5 Hardshell