Taylor 324ce Builders Edition



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Another 324ce Builders Edition has hit our door.  These are great playing and sounding guitars.  They sell fast!  

This one is also in new condition and includes a hard case.  Find it here at a great price!  Here's the information on this amazing instrument:  

Crafted for the ultimate playing experience, the Builder's Edition 324ce combines signature Taylor playability and comfort with the rich tonal character of our responsibly sourced Urban Ash tonewood. Originating from Shamel ash trees in need of removal from cities and municipal areas, Urban Ash offers a response akin to high-grade mahogany: warm and woody with a strong focus on the fundamental note and minimal overtones. The solid mahogany top adds a bit of natural compression to help create remarkable tonal balance across the frequency spectrum. For comfort, this Grand Auditorium model sports a beveled armrest and cutaway, chamfered edges, and our Silent Satin finish to reduce incidental noise. It ships with a deluxe brown hardshell case.