Martin D-28 "1966" Brazilian Rosewood



We are very pleased to offer another beautiful vintage Martin.  This D-28 dates to 1966.  The current owners acquired it through a trade in 1967.  They told us we don't want to know about the old Martin they traded in for this one at the time...  Regardless, they wanted this guitar for its stunning Brazilian Rosewood and it is incredible!    Furthermore, this guitar sounds as beautiful as it looks.  

This guitar has been in Arizona since 1967.  Surprisingly, it shows no cracks!  We did replace the bridge.  Sometime in its history an undersized saddle was installed causing the bridge to crack.  Our tech, Kyle, did an amazing job installing a replacement bridge and cutting a new bone saddle.  The replacement bridge is slightly larger than the original.  Kyle did a fantastic job.  

For the repair we re-humidified the guitar.  Bringing the moisture back into the guitar really made the guitar more vibrant and glorious sounding.  

This guitar is in relativity excellent condition.  As previously stated, it shows no cracks.  There as a few nicks and scratches as would be expected.  Most notably one on the top near the bottom. There are a couple of marks on the neck near the sixth fret.  The lacquer is chipping on the headstock at the tuner bushings.  This is common in the dryer climates as the wood shrinks and the string tension pulls on the now loose tuners.  On the back center there are some marks in the finish.   

Included is its original hard case.  Some of the top edges of the case show some nibbling, most likely from the critters we have here in the desert.  It was probably when the case was in storage while the guitar was in the home entertaining its owners and guest.  

Brazilian Rosewood Martins continue to increase in value.  This one is exceptional!  

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