JHS Hard Drive Distortion



The Hard Drive Distortion pedal, JHS' first-ever all-original distortion, catapults players into a sandbox world of late-'90s post-grunge and early-'00s tones. Flexible 3-band EQ and a Mid Freq selector give the Hard Drive chameleon-like powers capable of achieving virtually any ‘90s-style distortion tone. Sweetwater tests were nostalgic speed trials covering everything from moody post-grungy scoops to the earnest javelin-like upper-midrange of alt-rock. The Hard Drive’s name is an obvious pun, but it's also truth in advertising! The pedal drives hard with an outrageous gain range and generous headroom, capable of transforming any clean amp into a powerhouse of millennial pain. Nearly eight years of work went into the Hard Drive, and the results speak for themselves with a pithy presence that's left us confident that the dream of the ‘90s is alive in Kansas City.