Fishman AFX Acousticverb Mini Multi-Reverb Pedal



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Multi-Reverb Pedal Voiced for Acoustic Instruments!

Finally, a reverb pedal for the acoustic musician that combines tasteful reverb with Fishman’s unique blending and voicing architecture.

Three quality reverbs – Hall, Plate, Spring – are blended in parallel with your direct sound while preserving your acoustic tone. The Reverb Time knob controls how long you hear the effect, and ranges from short to very large spaces. Tone knob affects only the reverb and not your direct sound. Similarly, the Level knob adds the effect into your signal chain without overwhelming the sound of your instrument.

AFX AcoustiVerb features:
• Hall, Plate, and Spring Reverb Types
• True Bypass with Buffered Bypass Option
• Intuitive Decay Time, Tone, and Level Controls
• Innovative Dual Path Routing
• Super compact design fits almost anywhere
• 9V external power required (sold separately)