Dean Markley West Coast Barstow Passive Under Saddle Acoustic Guitar Pickup

Dean Markley


The Dean Markley West Coast Barstow Acoustic Guitar Pickup is a high-performance under-the-bridge-saddle transducer with a 24k gold-plated stereo end-pin jack, plus mini-jacks for quick and easy installation. The Dean Markley Barstow pickup provides fantastically accurate acoustical reproduction, great tonal qualities, and even string balance. After installation, the only evidence of the West Coast Barstow pickup is its golden end-pin jack. There's no maintenance and no unsightly appendage to your beautiful guitar. The Dean Markley Barstow also allows you to unobtrusively connect a second passive pickup so you can run both in tandem to special effects devices and amplifiers. 


  • 6 individual highly sensitive piezo sensors
  • Sensors mounted inside a 24k gold-plated housing
  • Better tone and string balance
  • Unique housing”quick installation without the usual problems of dead or weak strings
  • Mini-jacks for quick installation”no soldering required
  • Stereo End-Pin Jack allows adding passive magnetic pickup (such as Tahoe or ProMag) for true stereo capabilities when using stereo cable