Maxon SM9Pro+ Super Metal

Maxon SM9Pro+ Super Metal



The SM9Pro is an upgraded version of the classic SM9 from Maxon. The original core of the circuit was kept intact and bolstered to meet the needs of heavy metal guitarists. A refined EQ control featuring an adjustable mid scoop allows users to dial in the perfect balance for their sound. The gain control provides sounds that range from classic heavy metal to the devastating tones of modern metal. The pedal also features an internal voltage boost that allows for 18V power when operating with a standard 9V PSU or battery so no additional power supply is required for the expanded headroom and frequency response that this pedal offers in 18V mode.


  • Based on the distortion core of Maxon SM9 (Super Metal 9) designed for the New wave of British heavy metal
  • Creates scooped heavy metal tones with high gain and midrange cut circuitry.
  • Wide range of sounds ranging from NWOBHM to modern drop D metal
  • Operating voltage (9V or 18V mode) is switchable via an internal slide switch accessible through
  • the unit’s battery compartment.
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Operating voltage is switchable from 9v to 18v via an internal DIP switch accessible through the unit’s battery compartment.
  • LED indicator for effect on/off
  • LED indicator for 9V/18V modes
  • DC power or 9V battery
  • Made in Japan