Maxon AD9 Pro Analog Delay

Maxon AD9 Pro Analog Delay



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The Maxon AD9Pro is a high quality analog delay with up to 450ms of delay time using Maxon’s MC4107D BBD chip. With two delay modes and a wide range of control, the AD9Pro offers transparent analog delays that fit any genre.


  • Switchable Single Head/Dual Head modes. In Dual Head mode, the midstream delay signal is mixed back into the delay. This feature provides extensive delay effects such as a multi-head tape echo effect and endless ambient sounds.
  • Four BBD chips for up to 450ms of delay time
  • RMS level sensing and companding noise reduction providing a clear and natural sounding analog delay
  • Improved dynamic range
  • True bypass switching on both outputs provided by a 4PDT mechanical switch with no alteration of dry signal’s tone when effect is bypassed
  • Stabilized DC to DC converter impervious to battery voltage drop and fluctuations in power providing rock solid tone and functionality.
  • LED indicator for effect on/off
  • DC power or 9V battery
  • Made in Japan