Maxon OD9Pro+ Overdrive

Maxon OD9Pro+ Overdrive



The OD9Pro+ is the OD9 with all of the bells and whistles. This pedal features the famous circuit with some of the most popular mods built in and accessible with the flip of a switch. The OD9Pro+ offers the classic overdrive sound of the original and can push even further with the boost switch engaged. The pedal also features an internal voltage boost that allows for 18V power when operating with a standard 9V PSU or battery so no additional power supply is required for the expanded headroom and frequency response that this pedal offers in 18V mode.


  • Boost mode provides a smooth tube sound by reducing high and low ranges and boosting mid-range
  • Normal mode enhances the OD9’s warm and natural tube screamer sound
  • Stabilized DC-DC voltage converter bumps 9 volts (plus and minus 4.5 volts) up to 18 volts (plus and minus 9 volts)
  • Operating voltage is switchable from 9v to 18v via an internal DIP switch accessible through the unit’s battery compartment.
  • LED indicator for effect on/off
  • DC power or 9V battery
  • Made in Japan