Fender Tremolux (1955)



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This is the real deal!  The date code puts this amp at July of 1955.  The condition is incredible!  The speaker, tweed, grill cloth, knobs, transformer, etc... all look to be original.  It even has to original foot switch.   Unbelievable!!!

As typically required for most vintage amps, it has been professionally recapped and the power cable has been upgraded.  

The tubes are RCA vintage from the 1950's.  

The sound from this amp is incredible!  Jumper the two channels together for incredible warmth and pristine tones.   The interaction between the two volumes is beautiful.  Plug directly in and get lost playing for hours.  

This amp is a once in a lifetime find.  It's the prefect addition to your collection.  

Stop in and check it out, or give us shout.  

Includes dust cover.