Godin 5th Avenue Uptown GT Ltd



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Godin brings vintage archtop vibe and exceptional playability to this limited edition 5th Avenue GT, making it a treat for players old and new. The Trans Cream finish, silver hardware, f-holes, and black Godin pickguard give it a refined, to-the-point look that shows off the nicely-figured Canadian Wild Cherry body. The single-cutaway design makes it easy to play across all 21 frets on the Richlite Fingerboard, and the Silver Leaf Maple neck has a comfortable profile that will make any player feel right at home. Plus, it has a pair of fantastic Seymour Duncan pickups that are perfect for archtop tone: you get a '59 SH-1 in the bridge, and a Jazz SH-2 in the neck. If you're looking for a no-frills archtop with great playability and tone, then give the 5th Avenue Uptown GT a try!