Blackstar HT-5RS Full Stack



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Bring a full stack on the road without breaking your back (or your roadie's) with the Blackstar HT-5RS Mini Stack. The HT5-RS is based on Blackstar's HT-5RH 5-watt tube amplifier head which has two footswitchable channels, digital reverb, an effects loop, and Blackstar's Infinite Shape Feature (ISF), which changes the overall sound characteristic of the amplifier and can bring forth both British and American tones, as well as blend them in any ratio by twisting a single knob.

The HT-5RS comes with two 1x12" speaker cabinets. You can use both cabinets simultaneously for maximum output or only one to lighten the load, depending on the gig. Having dual cabinets can also be useful in the studio for recording with multiple microphones without crowding a single speaker.